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About Us

On a visit to the home of Pine Creek Doodles you will find yourself traveling into the beautiful rolling hills of Holmes County in Ohio’s countryside. To our family, it is the most beautiful place on earth. God’s blessings are evident to us, nestled into these hills on a 60-acre farm with plenty of room to romp and roam. On a typical morning you will find Mom (Naomi) resting on the couch for a quick cup of coffee once Dad (Wayne) and the girls are at work, and the boys are off to school. Curled up against mom, CJ blissfully acts his part of being a spoiled house dog.


Passion in our family is not confined to the seven people within it; our passion overflows and engulfs the tails-a-wagging, sloppy kissing, paw-shaking, cuddly, and always joyful members of the family that we love to love on- our dogs!


Curly new arrivals brought to us by Macy (our ever-grinning, tail-thumping Bernese) or Mia (the loveliest, most gentle Goldendoodle mama you’ll find) are cared for and nurtured throughout the day by Mom, who loses track of time for the love of spending time with the puppies and adult dogs alike. In the evenings and weekends, Dad and Mom share this time together, giving each puppy and adult their needed vaccinations and wormer. We hold the health, well-being, and happiness of our dogs in very high regard. Mamas especially are treated with the utmost care during pregnancy and after birth to ensure that their babies are the healthiest and most content they can be.


From the time they are newly born and lovingly cuddled by us kids to the time their frisky playfulness in the lawn brings us all gales of laughter, our oodles o’ doodle puppies are strong, happy, and healthy! Knowing the joy these four-legged friends will bring to a new loving, trustworthy family makes raising puppies all the more worthwhile.


And so, our interest, our passion, our story... is living a close-knit family life. A close-knit family life that means always being welcomed home excitedly by CJ at the front door, being reminded to scratch behind an ear by the “thump, thumping” of Macy’s huge tail against our legs when we’re working outside, and being lick-loved on by Amber and Bailey and Max’s warm sloppy kisses. You’re going to love living this kind of life too.

Blessing from us at Pine Creek Doodles to you and yours,

The Miller Family

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